The Team

Aayush Bucha

Mastermind, SEO & Lead Gen

Aayush Bucha is a digital marketing expert with years of experience in this field. He has worked with various high-profile clients. As a mastermind of operations at AAA Digital, he handles everything for organic marketing while working on content strategies to improve online visibility. With him on your team, you can be sure that your business is being seen online in the most efficient way possible!

Priyansh Sipani

Creative Director

Priyansh Sipani, the Creative Director at AAA, wields a kaleidoscopic mind, crafting digital wonders that leave onlookers enchanted. With a flair for wit and a dash of culinary wizardry, he’s an unstoppable force in the world of pixels and dreams, sparking creativity wherever he roams.

Buckle up for a cosmic journey through the universe of his boundless ideas—where the extraordinary becomes the norm.

Pranjeet Choudhary

Pranjeet Choudhary

Outreach Expert, Off-Page & Illuminati Enthusiast

Searching for a web expert who knows the tricks of off-page SEO? Then Pranjeet Choudhury is your person. Besides possessing an in-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms, he’s also a huge fan of Illuminati conspiracy theories. His expertise is sure to make a difference in improving your online presence.

Ask anyone, and they will tell you he’s one of the best out there!

Nishi Agarwal

Outreach Expert, Off-Page & Paid Ads

With a fresh perspective and a thirst for knowledge, Nishi is a relative newcomer who is not afraid to ask the tough questions and dive deep into the data.

She may be new to the game, but Nishi’s wit and creativity are unmatched. When it comes to outreach, she’s a master at getting the attention of even the busiest influencers and securing those valuable backlinks. And when it comes to paid ads, she knows just how to craft a message that will stop scrollers in their tracks.

Simran Agarwal

Lead Development & Local SEO Strategist

Simran is a business development extraordinaire with a knack for quick reading and perfect spelling! She’s a master at making connections and building relationships, all while keeping her eye on the prize.

Whether she’s sealing deals or dazzling clients, Simran’s got the charm and the smarts to make it all happen.

If you want to take your local business to the next level, Simran Agarwal is your go-to gal!